Project and Change Management Consulting

Our seasoned project management experts provide best of breed execution of business strategies

Partnering Consultants is a Management Consulting Firm specializing in Project and Change Management Consulting, Training and Facilitation. Our goal is to work with our clients to define and deliver results.  

Clients may discover situations or hear comments such as:

  • Our organization has been through so many changes, where do we start?
  • I do not know which projects are a priority.
  • The initiatives are not aligned with the goals of the organization Why do our meetings last so long and we do not accomplish the goal?
  • Why do people not take our concerns into consideration earlier on?
  • People are not attending meetings.
  • The same topics come up over and over without resolution.
  • There is frustration and general lack of teamwork.
  • Projects are stalled ? not moving forward and not cancelled.

Through years of experience and training we can help you put a plan in place to eliminate these concerns. If you are looking to increase the results of your portfolio ? effective use project and change management on any initiative will deliver bottom line results. Taking time to focus on goals, objectives and the impact to your workforce will result in exponential benefits as you work through the project and long after you complete the project and it is integrated into your business.

Assessing where the organization is today helps to determine if the desired action or need is training, coaching, mentoring of a project manager, hiring a full time change agent or project manager. There are proven methodologies in both disciplines and we are able to customize our engagements to suit the culture of your organization.

Next is developing the plan to achieve the results. We then move onto implementing (with follow through) and controlling the plan and we may need to return to planning if we find out additional information, this process is iterative. And the final and important step close out. There may be adjustments to the plan and communication and follow through will ensure alignment throughout the process.

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